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I am Ishita it's me :)

It's me hi!

I like to observe and than  sketch out my observations.

My reason for dabbling in UX design was simple, it is a pretty creative field where there is always  something new to do.  My work is often focused around visual and interaction design.

I also fancy myself as an animator and a graphic designer nothing significant oh and a cook. And as the title suggests a fan of good music.

A sneak peek at how I create

If anyone is interested to know..

To create

I use

Figma, Adobe xd, framer, Adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop  along with  HTML,CSS and Javascript.

I also design

Logos, Posters, 

Illustration and caricatures

Designs and experiences

My Work

AKA My real time projects and experiences


Working on Pega as a system architect. During my internship and than full time job Iearnt about Pega tool and implemented the earnings in real time environment. 


Contributed in research process. Surveyed people within th age group of 18-45. Produced initial designs and prototypes for their cyber security educational portal.

Tech Hack technology

Collaborated in a team of 3 ux desaigners to conceptualization and developed graphics of existing product to make the product more relevant which in turn increased the sales by 11%

Varoh Games

Asset 1_3x.png

Love character design and illustration


Loves listening to podcasts particularly regarding geopolitics


An avid reader of fiction


Can often be seen cooking new things.


An avid reader of fiction any recommendation?

Me in a nutshell

Patient enough to appreciate nature. 


Passionate enough to complete a sketch in one day

And at last the reason why I have used so much yellow for my portfolio.

A very simple reason is I like Vincent van gogh and he drank yellow color for happiness . *sigh*

And a very professional answer is yellow promotes happiness and purple is for creativity.  :)


vincent van gogh.gif

Any kind of feedback is worthy working on. minus the mean kind

Thankyou for taking out your time to check my website. Here is a cookie.

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