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What does "Miraj Tutorials" do?

Understanding the requirement

A home tutoring service. We provide you with tutors according to your requirements at the convenience of your own home. Along with tutor, we also provide world class study material to ensure best for your children

Client's requirements

Their expectations from the logo

We run a tutor service. So an elegant logo which conveys our message which is, we provide only the best education possible.

Logo should be simple enough, with such color scheme so that it can be easily visible in finer prints.

Logo should have 2 main colors.

It should include an open book to show that we are into education business and knowledge is not limites to anyone.

Initial sketches

On doing a market research and analysis the main competitors in the same field




Final Design

Several meetings later this is the design that the client liked the most

logo light.png
logo white.png

Logo Light

Logo white

Link to the official website of Miraj tutorials

This was the final design of the logo that the client liked the best. But we all know that there is always room for adjustments and improvements hence it would mean a lot if you could maybe give your feedback on this project. It will help me to improve. Thankyou


Any kind of feedback is worthy working on. minus the mean kind

Thankyou for taking out your time to check my website. Here is a cookie.

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