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What is connect 

Do you know of anyone above 60? Most  of them love their evenings with friends Even though they live in a family but they do get lonely and eagerly wait for daily evening meetups.

This is an attempt to digitalize their experience.

My Design Process

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 Link to all the interviews surveys and articles used 


 Link to all the interviews surveys and articles used 

 Link to all the interviews surveys and articles used 

 Link to all the interviews surveys and articles used 

Took multiple
iterations to come to
a definite problem statement



After lots of
I have presented most
suitable options


If  interested to see my
on paper process of
creating wireframing 


Did guerilla testing on the users and the results are as follows

Line 4_3x.png
Line 4_3x.png

What are we trying to solve here

Conflict of our story

Ramesh is 65+ and living alone only moments of joy is meeting his friends in park which will not be possible anymore. His knees have unbearable pain and he cannot walk.

Is the problem enough to build a story out of it.

Almost 15 million senior citizens live alone in India. Of them, as many as 65% are women. And all these 65+ people rely on their neighbors or friends for networking and daily chores.

Getting to know the characters of our story

Problems and painpoints

1. Mainly in southern Indian states(according to the secondary research)  one in every 11 elder lives alone.

2. In the initial months of 2020, 25% of Indian population in the age group of 65+ started using digital platforms.

3. The main use was for ordering medicines and connecting with their family and friends, not all the features were explored


Primary Research


Do you feel your lifestyle, relationship dynamics with your friends have changed during pandemic.

pie1 q1_3x.png

Do you mind using technology to connect and spend quality time with your friends

Do you mind using technology to connect and spend quality time with your friends


Excerpts from the interview conducted:


During lockdown we tried video calling but in group video call  is little too complicated for us to use. I also have parkinson syndrome which further hinders my usage of technology.                                                                   - Ramesh Chandra Sharma 76

Due to pain in knees, I am not able to go outside as a result I can't connect with my friends  and the fact that I live alone does not help my situation.

                                        Suman Lata Parashar 73

Meet Vijay , one of our User

“I love learning new technology as it helps me to be up-to-date
I was the first one to learn and use UPI among my friends

Vijay Singh

B.A English

72 years


About Vijay

A friendly grandpa goes by the name Vijay who loves evening walks, enjoys chess and sudoku, and finds delight in Premchandra's stories. Always eager to learn new things, he's a cherished presence in the community.

What are Vijay’s main problems

  1. Less interactions with friends and family.

  2. Take time to learn new tech.

  3. Confined to home, cannot go out to meet friends.

So what will make Vijay happy

  1. Wants to stay more connected with people

  2. Sometimes wants a partner to play chess with.

  3. Be aware about all the world affairs

Challenges I faced during this project

Obvious problems highlighted during interviews

  1. Digital illiteracy.

  2. Have some reservations related to the harmful effect exposure to screen have.

  3. Solution should be keeping in mind all the health issues that comes with old age.

  4. Why should they look for something new when they have applications like whatsappp to talk to people.


Initial Design

Voice assistant.png

Design System


logo 2.png
logo 1.png

The red link in the logo depicts the connect app which is helping in connecting people.

Color Scheme





Tried to strike a balance between soothing and warm colors to maximize the readibilty I researched on colors and what effect they have on people of advance  age.


Heading 1       48 px              Heading 2      34 px
Heading 3      24px            body                21 px
caption            16 px


Open Sans




After initial design was ready I did some guerilla testing, and found these problems with the design

Asset 222_3x.png

1. What does this green circle represent?
2. The placement of voice assistant is quite problematic as it cannot be easily

I need explanation as to what this thumbnail about before clicking on it.

1. What if I want to go back where is the button for that I am confused.

2. Here I want something to show clearly exactly how many steps are remaining.

1.No direct way to reach Home. The button should be placed in a more accessible place.

2.  No direct way to reach Home. The button
should be placed in a more accessible place.

Final Design

Frame 33.png
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