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What does the "Tabelawala" represents

The concept

TabelaWala is the one-stop marketplace offering the ease of online buying and selling of cows and buffaloes to dairy farmers.  An initial step taken to consolidate the intensely chaotic and unorganized Indian livestock trading business.

Directly quoted from their website

Client's requirements

Their expectations from the logo

Our business mainly focused on farm animals and products produced by them.

A  minimalistic logo. which can make it clear we work in livestock business.

A cow and a bottle of milk, with warm color theme. Mainly brown to show the color of cows.

Initial sketches

On doing a market research and analysis the main competitors in the same field

Asset 3_3x.png

Final Design

After 3-4 revisions and refining the drafts this is the final design.

Asset 3_3x.png
Asset 4_3x.png

Link to the official website of Tabelawala

And it is how we landed on this logo design. But as we all know design needs constant feedback, hence it would mean a lot if you could maybe give your feedback on this project. You will be directly helping me in sharpening my skills as a designer.


tabelwala moo.gif

Any kind of feedback is worthy working on. minus the mean kind

Thankyou for taking out your time to check my website. Here is a cookie.

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