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What is  BreathGuard

In the aftermath of the 2019 pandemic this is a effort towards an affordable, user-friendly fix.

Imagine using X-rays like a superhero tool, detecting hidden lung issues. Our aim? Revolutionize respiratory healthcare.

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What got the idea in my head

When the corona virus hit in 2019, we needed quick tests, but not enough kits were available.  And it is just not virus there are sneaky breathing issues hanging around in India, especially in the countryside.


Imagine if we had a cheap and easy way to find these problems - just a simple lung X-ray. That could save lives


Respiratory diseases are rapidly rising in rural India, with the aftermath of the pandemic affecting 3.06% of the population. There is an urgent need to prioritize lung health.

The cost of Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT) ranges from 1200 to 2000 rupees, leading to neglect of lung health, especially in less aware populations.

Pain Points Discovered

1. Escalating lung diseases in rural India.

2. The aftermath of the coronavirus emphasizes the need for heightened attention to lung health.

3. The high cost of PFT discourages people from seeking medical help.

4.Accessibility to quality healthcare is hindered by either the prohibitive cost or the absence of competent doctors in the area.


Primary Research

Excerpts from the interview conducted

 "l lost my beloved wife to a sigdi, my wife who used it to cook food, the smoke caused chronic bronchitis, when doctor madam asked us to get tests done we had no money since it was not the harvest season. "
Chunni Lal 41 years

 "l am a chain smoker from over a decade, never had any major problem, always thought I was lucky, I am coming back with my lung test reports, and i have  advanced lung cancer. Not so lucky now "
Animesh, 56 years

Secondary Research

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User Personas

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Kusum Lata

 "I randomly started having long spells of coughing. Doctor says I have to leave chullah chauka, but how can I ? Who will provide food to my small children and husband. "

33 year old, Housewife

 Village near Varanasi, U.P.

About Kusum

As a homemaker, Kusum has dedicated her time to caring for her family and managing household chores.
However, Kusum has been suffering from
chronic bronchitis for several years due to the continuous exposure to smoke from cooking on traditional chullahs (stoves)

Challenges of Kusum's life

1. Kusum faces significant challenges due to her chronic bronchitis
2. Experiences
frequent coughing fits and fatigue , which limit her ability to perform tasks.
Accessing healthcare services in her village is difficult, as the nearest hospital is located far away, and she often struggles to afford medical expenses.


1. Manage her chronic bronchitis effectively and improve her overall quality of life
2. Seek
accessible and affordable healthcare solutions that can help her monitor her respiratory health.
3. Kusum hopes to find a solution that is easy to use and understand, as she is
not familiar with advanced technology.

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" A resilient city dweller, navigating the haze of a fast-paced life and battling the smoke of a two-decade-long smoking habit, seeks a balance between independence and the pursuit of a healthier, more mindful lifestyle."

Rahul Kumar

40 year old, Sales Executive

Mumbai, Maharashtra

About Rahul

He leads a fast-paced life as a sales executive in a multinational corporation, often working long hours and dealing with high levels of stress. Despite being aware of the health risks associated with smoking, Rahul has been a chain smoker for the past 20 years.

Challenges of Rahul's life

1. He experiences frequent coughing spells, wheezing, and chest tightness, but dismisses these symptoms as inconsequential 

2. He may face social stigma and judgment from family and peers for his smoking habit.


1. He may be open to exploring healthcare solutions that offer convenience and flexibility, allowing him to address his health concerns without disrupting his routine.
2. Despite his nonchalant attitude towards his health, Rahul ultimately desires to maintain his independence and continue pursuing his career and social activities without hindrance


Solution: A  Whatsapp bot.  Voila!

Why Whatsapp is the solution.

Instant Accessibility: Widely used, providing quick access.

2.Efficient Communication: Automates routine tasks, streamlining communication.

3. Patient Engagement: Enhances patient experience through conversational interactions.

4. Timely Reminders: Sends reminders for medication, appointments, and follow-ups.

And where is the possibility to go wrong

1.Security and Privacy Concerns: Ensuring robust security measures for sensitive medical information.

2. Limitations of Automation: May not replace nuanced interactions required in healthcare.

Proposed solution Model

Information Architecture: Data flow

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