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Breath Guard

an effort towards more accessible Lung health



What is Breath Guard

In the aftermath of the 2019 pandemic this is a effort towards an affordable, user-friendly fix. Imagine using X-rays like a superhero tool, detecting hidden lung issues. Our aim? Revolutionize respiratory healthcare.

My Role and time taken for the project

3 Months

Interaction design, Visual design, User research

Where did the idea come from

Why I wanted to create this project.

Hence Breath Guard.

I wanted to turn the research paper findings into a digital solution.


Conflict.. Problem Statement

Respiratory diseases are rapidly rising in rural India, with the aftermath of the pandemic affecting 3.06% of the population

There is an urgent need to prioritize lung health.
The cost of Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT) ranges from 1200 to 2000 rupees, leading to neglect of lung health, especially in less aware populations.

Pain Points

The aftermath of the coronavirus

The aftermath of the coronavirus emphasizes the need for heightened attention to lung health.

The high cost of PFT discourages people from seeking medical help.

Accessibility to quality healthcare is hindered

Either by the prohibitive cost or the absence of competent doctors in the area.


Primary and secondary research

With everything cleared up it was time to saddle up and do some research.

About Users

Here are the statistics derived from the interviews surveys and research.

User Persona

Areas I am focusing on

With all the research data collected, the picture became a lot more clear

Targeted Audience

People living in rural areas under the age group 18-60.

Doctors posted in rural areas.

Conflicts we are trying to tackle here

English as the only source of language cannot be used.

The task should be handled with minimal clicks and least complicated process

If not an Application than what ??!!

The Main question to ask now is:


Let us look at all the possible solutions

I came up with and single out the best one

Group 70.png
Group 72.png
Group 71.png

After all the hustle I proudly present the winner

A Whatsapp chat bot 😄

But how is Whatsapp helpful: a checklist

Group 52.png

A cheaper and easily accessible alternative to RT-PCR and other lung related tests is x-ray.

Group 52.png

This is going to be a product which cannot be daily used. So a dedicated app is not feasible

Whatsapp is a means which is widely used and does not require extra memory, is quick and efficient.

Group 52.png

India is the largest user of Whatsapp. So it makes it a versatile platform to build solution on it.

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