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Some of my work both digital and hand made

Art: My first love

Digital Art


Inspired from the tea gardens of Munnar. A portrait. Palette is cool colors.


An illsuatration showing all the staple things required for a good morning in India

An incomplete illustration showing the beauty of a saree.


Character design made completely out of circles

Another character design with entirely warm color palette. Made while studying postures

Character, the original design is not mine but the colors and highlights are all mine.

Hand drawn  art

Made to study highlights and shadows mainly

Fusion of pinnochio and a Rajasthani hotel  manager

Sunkissed kiddo monkey made with watercolors

Spontaneous art of Hotel taj.

Any kind of feedback is worthy working on. minus the mean kind

Thankyou for taking out your time to check my website. Here is a cookie.

Other than drawing I love trying weird things with potential to be awesome


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